Person behind the Company Name

I am Evija and my story is about values, patience and faith in big dreams.

I am a physiotherapist, a model in my spare time with love for nature, cooking and a healthy lifestyle.

Nature has always been highly valued by me, so over time I have begun to make changes in my daily life, habits and product choices to give the best for myself and the environment.

I have mastered the art of making natural cosmetics, which gradually allowed me to replace the products purchased in the store with my own. I spent long hours, days and weeks experimenting, and after a few years of practice, I came up with the vision and very real products that Sunbeam cosmetics now offers.

Sunbeam cosmetics - natural cosmetics inspired by sunlight.

Ideas based on Values

I believe that the ingredients of products must come from nature to provide the best for each one of us.

Sunbeam cosmetics products are 100% natural without parabens, without SLS and chemical dyes. Every plant and every petal is touched by the says of sun before it enters the products.

The Sun is the core of Sunbeam cosmetics - a symbol of life, eternal movement and inspiration.

It takes a long time from the idea to the realization of dreams, which requires thorough patience. So I can say that this is one long and colourful journey, but definitely - sunny!

Glad to be together

Thank you for being a part of this sunny journey! 

We are united by our values - nature, sustainability, movement - and I am happy about it, because the world is grateful for that too!

With the Sun in my heart and every step,



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